Saturday, June 9, 2012

Letter Cc

What starts with letter C?
Cat, Cupcake, Car, Cow, Caterpillar ...

I cut up some paper and wrote big C's on them. Then I hid them all over the house for Larkin to find. 
We baked and frosted some cupcakes ... yummy and educational, right?
To finish learning about letter C we painted with cars. 

I love to take normal everyday activities and add a fun twist.

Adapt this activity: Do this painting activity any day, not just to learn about letter C, and if this seems like fun, but you don't have any matchbook cars at your house, try painting with kitchen tools like wisks, potato mashers, or slotted spoons ... kids love to use familiar objects in new ways. 

Enjoy being creative with you little people today!


Our annual trip to the Art Beast ... if you haven't been, you should check it out this summer! 
The Art Beast is downtown Sacramento, and is a fun art and science adventure that Larkin loves!
Modeling clay, finger paints, light tables, music, puppets, texture tables, balance beams ... what's not to love!?!