Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to Make a Rainbow

Summer is in high gear at our house! (and not a moment too soon!)
We are doing Learning Time again this summer, and first up on our list of summer science projects was to make a rainbow.

Luckily, I had a billion empty plastic water bottles after Ady's baby blessing. I tore off the labels and washed them out. I gathered up our abundant supply of food coloring and put Larkin in her "Art Shirt" ...

We talked about the colors in a rainbow and sang a few songs about rainbows. We also read a book about colors. 

Then we set to work squeezing, observing, shaking, and sorting.
We watched the colors swirl in the water and then shook each bottle. Then we decided if the bottle needed more color or if it was ready to go in the window.

Larkin sorted the bottles and grouped them together in several different ways before she was ready to climb down and admire her rainbow.

{Please note the giant flower in Larkin's hair. She brought it to me and requested that I put her "fairy hat" in her hair before we did our project. Such a goof-ball!}

This quick and easy science project has a home in our dining room window right now. We love to admire our beautiful rainbow when the sun shines through the window each afternoon and lights up the colored bottles.

I am focusing on the Alphabet and numbers this summer, so stay tuned for our ABC and 123 projects!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Adylade's Baby Blessing

Adylade's baby blessing was last Sunday. We were overwhelmed by the family who came to support us in blessing our baby and welcoming her to our family!
... here are some of us ...

After the baby blessing we took the afternoon to celebrate with our family ... after all, the day was a celebration of the newest addition to our eternal family!

This is the Rice family (minus a napping Ady) at our best!

Three generations of female DNA!

(this was the only photo of the four of us from that day ... not perfectly posed, but all gussied up in our Sunday best at least.)

I am so grateful for the family I have come from and the family I am creating. This is what I wanted as a little girl- to be a mom, so I suppose I truly am living the dream!