Saturday, May 29, 2010

Say Cheese!

A few weeks ago I got an email from a friend in our ward who owns a photography education business asking our family to participate in a workshop as the "family models" ... yep, you heard me correctly- she wanted us to be models. I smiled to myself at the thought of our frumpy, funny little family saying cheese, but agreed because we would get a few free photos out of the deal.

It was a fun morning of smiling, primping, and if I'm being completely honest, sweating. It was hottish and we decided to wear black as a family. Not smart on my part. In between family shots the photographer and all the students took a few minutes to snap some solo shots of Larkin.

My friend sent me a few of the photos of Larkin but we are still waiting on the family portraits. I am itching with anticipation to see them. I feel like a kid at Christmas! I should get the cd with the family portraits this week, and when I do I will be sure to share.

But for now, enjoy these fun photos of our little model ... she really is a ham and had such a great time with all the attention!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Once Upon a Time ...

(The names and facts of this story have been fudged slightly for
literary impact :)

Once upon a time there was a Princess named Larkin who had been sick and had to stay inside for so many days that her toes and her nose were starting to grow moss. She began to climb the bookshelves and the furniture looking for a way to get outside into the sunshine where she could run so fast that moss couldn't grow on her toes ever again ...

So the King and Queen decided to go on a long voyage to a far away land ... Fairy Tale Town ...

A magical land where giant shoes turn into slides and where the little Princess could run and climb and twirl until all the moss that grew on her toes was left far behind. The little Princess smelled so many flowers that she forgot the yucky smell of moss that used to cling to her nose and she couldn't even remember how sick she used to feel ...

Everyone was happy!

The King and the Queen and the Princess walked and walked and walked, and pretended, and played, and paused for a magical ride on a pumpkin ...

By the end of the day the Princess was pooped! The King and the Queen and the Princess made the long voyage home where she promised not to climb the bookshelves and the furniture any more ... well at least until her toes start to grow moss again. That night, everyone in the kingdom slept happily ever after!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Radish so Red, Radish so Red ...

We headed to a local street market a few nights ago. I love a good street market! This one was on the smaller side, but fun!

I found the most amazing thing at this market. A local farm (near Davis) grows and sells organic produce and contracts with a few other local farms who also grow organic produce. Still waiting for the amazing part? ... They grow the organic produce, harvest the organic produce, and deliver the organic produce right to my door! I told you ... amazing!

We can customize the produce that comes to us, how often it arrives on our doorstep, and we didn't have to sign any contracts. We use a lot of fresh fruits and veggies at our house and I am super excited about this new program!

Check out the link below or look online to see if farmers in your area are offering anything similar!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Few Silly Pics of Our Trip to San Francisco

It was the best day ever! (See the post below) I took a few silly pictures ... hope you enjoy!

I love this city with all its quirks and character!

The sign spelled his name wrong, but it works :)

A Truly Wicked Mother's Day Surprise

This story actually begins three plus years ago when Scot and I met and he made me a book on cd to listen to while I drove from California to Utah. Wicked. Amazing. We have sung the Wicked soundtrack while we clean the house, while we drive in the car, while we cook dinner ... we love Wicked.

Scot pulled off the most intense surprise since he proposed this weekend for my Mother's Day. He planned to take the day off, planned for us to go see Wicked in the city, and planned for Larkin to spend the day at my sister's house in Petaluma, and kept it all a secret until this morning! It was AMAZING from start to finish! The day started with peanut butter and nutella crepes (my favorite), and ended with dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

We spent so much time in the car making this amazing day happen, I thought it was only appropriate that we take a quick picture while we were parked. We rock the road trip- especially with Wicked blasting over the stereo :)

I was so excited to see this play! It really was the perfect surprise!

Scot and I being silly outside the theater ...
We are getting pretty good at taking our own pictures, don't you think?

Inside the theater after Wicked ... we snuck a picture (which is a MAJOR no-no!) The ushers had big signs stating that phones and cameras were prohibited, and guys in headsets kept busting people with camera phones. If you look closely you can see the map of Oz ...

This day and this play were magical and powerful meaningful in so many ways! It was the perfect way to spend my Mother's Day! I have the most amazing life and I have the pictures to prove it! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baking Cookies With Dad ...

Need I say more???