Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lined Paper and Lunchboxes

I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and could feel it in the air; the sunlight has changed and autumn is right around the corner. We are not quite ready to pull out our sweaters and jeans yet, but we are ready to trade in our sun dresses and swim suits for school shoes and backpacks ... and when I say "ready", I really just mean: ready or not school is here!


Larkin is a Preschooler this year, and has transitioned into a new classroom with a new teacher. She LOVES teacher Cal (or Cowl as she calls him), and has been waiting patiently for the day when she could go play in his class.

Adylade is growing and changing so quickly, and she loves exploring lately. We love Ady's teacher, Jina and couldn't be more happy with the classroom environment and how it is set up to support Ady's unique development. 


Our first day of school was a little rocky. Larkin was awake and in my bed at 1:30 am and needed some convincing to go back to sleep. She is such a big girl, and I am excited to see what she will learn and discover this year. She is so passionate and inquisitive and loves absolutely EVERYTHING about school!

Don't let Ady's happy face fool you ... she spent the entire day wailing. It broke my heart to turn and walk out the door! I know she will love school once she gets the hang of it, but it was a truly awful first day with tears and meltdowns for both momma and baby.

I love school. I hope that my girls see me as a mother who models a love of learning, and I hope they will understand the importance of education. I hope that these early experiences they have with school will cultivate a passion for education and a hunger for knowledge within them. 

We have our lined paper and our lunch boxes, our pencils and our backpacks. 

Ready or not ...