Thursday, March 26, 2009

Date Night now consists of cheep thrills like wandering around Target and trying on hideous sunglasses for giggles. The snow and rain have drastically been cramping my new mommy style! I don't know what to do with myself when I can't go outside to spend a little bit of the day ... Scot is the hero as usual, and saves the day by dreaming up places for us to visit and silly things for us to do. Something I'm learning though- the things that are bringing me the most joy in life right now seem to be the spontaneous and simple things. Who knew wandering around Target and taking silly pictures with my husband would be in my top ten simple pleasures for this week!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rise & Shine ...

Sometimes I feel like this too when I wake up ...

Zoo Adventure

We took Larkin to the Zoo today. It is finally starting to be warm and beautiful and we wanted to take advantage of the great weather and go see a few animals.

She loves being outside in the sunshine, so this was the perfect outing for her! Of course we had to take advantage of the photo op with Larkin in her giraffe hat with a real live giraffe. We had fun walking and talking and making silly animal sounds to get her to look at us with her great big eyes.

Scot and I laughed because we think Larkin is changing and getting so much bigger, but everyone who walked past us at the zoo oohed and aahed and made comments about "the teeny tiny baby". She is such a fun baby, and we are excited to go back to the zoo as she gets bigger so she can make silly animal sounds and appreciate the adventure as much as we did!

Got Milk?

Larkin has got to be the MESSIEST eater ever! This is tame ... sometimes she has food in her hair, on her forehead, all over her cheeks, in her ears ... the messier she gets, the happier she seems to be! Whatever makes her happy I guess.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Super Dooper Pooper!

Okay ... so we are buying our diapers in bulk to try and keep up with this little poop making machine! They came in the mail today and we laughed that the box of diapers is bigger than Larkin!

A tip for all you moms who still have kids in diapers ... Amazon has diapers in bulk at really affordable prices. And if you buy in bulk you generally will have a total large enough to avoid having to pay shipping. I watched a show on how to save money the other day (gotta love daytime tv while ironing chefs coats for my husband) and buying diapers online instead of at the grocery store was one of their tips.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Best of Friends!

Braedyn, Bren and Dave came to visit this week. We can't wait for Braedyn and Larkin to be the best of friends as they get older. It was fun to see how big Braedyn is getting. The two of them were pretty much unaware of each other until we decided to take a few pictures. He was fascinated by Larkin as we snuggled the two of them up together on Scot's lap. He was so sweet touching her face and head and trying to be gentle, and doing a good job of it for the most part! He is so happy and so mellow! Little does he know that before long Larkin will be bossing him around and beating him up ... beware Braedyn!

Sombrero Night

Our First Sombrero Night of 2009 ... Lucky for us the weather was beautiful! We invited all the young men and young women from our ward over (there is only 8 of them) and we were able to eat outside and save my carpets a little wear and tear ... After dinner we had a "gummy worm chug". You fill a glass with root beer and put a gummy worm in the bottom. The first person to chug their root beer, eat their gummy worm and show their tongue is the winner ... Scot blew the competition out of the water! He was done and all the tough talking young men were still sipping away on their drinks and complaining about the carbonation ... such tough guys! :) Larkin enjoyed a little sunbathing. She loves to be outside in the sun! when we took her inside after being outside all afternoon, she fussed and fussed until Scot and I bundled her back up and went for a walk around the block ... we are going to have to buy stock in sunscreen!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We made it past Larkin's actual due date ... I am so far past tired I cannot even believe it! It is such an adjustment to go from full time work to non-stop work! I love being a mom, and already cannot imagine life without Larkin. She has definitely made her presence known and fills up every corner of my house, my time, my life, and my heart ... life will never be the same, I'm sure of it!

Scot and I are already dreaming about the warmer weather and the fun we will have taking Larkin to the park, to the beach, camping in the back yard, out to feed the ducks, to the zoo ... let the fun times begin! But first ... sleep!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One Week Pictures

While my parents were here we went and had some photos taken of Larkin. She was SO good for the photo op! We broke in the binky to try and keep her happy in between shots ... she is totally a binky girl! She is happy just to go to suck away on that little thing (which actually looks HUGE plugged into her little face. She cracks me up though, because she is such a noisy slurper! Needless to say, these photos were some of our favorites from the day. I think they really show how truly tiny she was!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Larkin's Baby Blessing

We blessed Larkin today at church. It was fun to see some of our family and friends as they came to be with us on this special day! We took a few pictures of Larkin in her dress ... it is the dress that my grandma made for me and I was blessed in when I was a baby. She is such a SUPER cutie! (Do I sound like a mom who is in love with her kiddo yet?!?)