Monday, May 14, 2012

Adylade's Baby Blessing

Adylade's baby blessing was last Sunday. We were overwhelmed by the family who came to support us in blessing our baby and welcoming her to our family!
... here are some of us ...

After the baby blessing we took the afternoon to celebrate with our family ... after all, the day was a celebration of the newest addition to our eternal family!

This is the Rice family (minus a napping Ady) at our best!

Three generations of female DNA!

(this was the only photo of the four of us from that day ... not perfectly posed, but all gussied up in our Sunday best at least.)

I am so grateful for the family I have come from and the family I am creating. This is what I wanted as a little girl- to be a mom, so I suppose I truly am living the dream!

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  1. Amy, you are all GORGEOUS!! Really truly gorgeous.. Such a fun time in life right?! I count down the days when we finally bring down another one of those blessed little spirits to our family.. I feel the tugging!! I wished we lived closer, I miss you guys:) Happy blessing day Ady..